Wise Business CHOICES, Inc.

"A Company Established in 2009 and Created by God's Divine Design"

Rose enjoys helping people find their purpose and showing them how to walk into their destiny. She enthusiastically deals with challenges and celebrates successes.  She strives to ignite her audiences by tailoring her specific topics to information that will be beneficial for those in attendance.  As an entrepreneur, business coach and ministry leader since 1982, Rose has spoken before several in the United States and abroad, inspiring people to discover their purpose, create successful businesses and take their enterprises to the next level.  She has a vast amount of knowledge about various industries and business challenges, as well as Biblical wisdom to transform your workers, staff, or team.    

Rose is seen as a Motivational Speaker, Trail Blazer and Change Agent.  She is willing to help you and your business and or organization manage change.  You can request a coaching session for your team, a Keynote Address on any number of topics, or Rose can address the challenges and successes your organization is currently experiencing.  No matter what you choose, Rose will seek God about where He is at work within your company or organization and provide direction for where you all should focus your energies and resources.